Welcoming Alas Ijo Rasatala

🌿 Exciting News: Welcoming Alas Ijo Rasatala (AIR) 🌿

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of organic regulations, Aliet Green are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our family of associations – Alas Ijo Rasatala (AIR).

AIR, our new home for 547 small family farmers, follows in the footsteps of Alam Bumi Cariyos (ABC) and emerges as a response to the latest EU Regulations 848/2018 (production and labelling of organic products) shaping the organic industry.

What does AIR stand for?
🌳 Alas: An old Javanese word for “forest, wilderness, woods, jungle”
🍃 Ijo: Javanese for “green”
🌱 Rasatala: In old Javanese, it means “soil, land”

Together, AIR paints a vivid picture of the land of green forests – a sanctuary for sustainable agroforestry practices and a haven for our small family farmers.

The Aliet Green – Hargotirto project will seamlessly transition to the Alas Ijo Rasatala Association (AIR), aligning with our commitment to meet EU organic market standards, just like Alam Bumi Cariyos Association (ABC).

In AIR, we find echoes of our agroforestry roots, connecting us to the profound wisdom of the land. This association, like its predecessor, will carry forward Aliet Green’s values and life story, contributing to the health of the earth and all its inhabitants.

We’re proud to embark on this new chapter, continuing our journey with small family farmers within the collective strength of Alas Ijo Rasatala (AIR).

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