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Natural | Organic | FairTrade

Our award-winning organic and gluten-free Coconut Sugar is traditionally made from a natural sugary sap extracted from coconut flower buds and processed by hand, evaporating the viscous nectar.

An excellent and sustainable alternative for:

100% Organic

100% Organic

All our products are 100% organic and Fairtrade certified as well as suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians communities. Our Organic Coconut Sugar was the first to be certified Fair for Life (FFL) Fairtrade and Social Responsibility Standards, in Indonesia.

Aliet Green Organic Coconut Sugar has been certified BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Grade A), since February 2016.

Superior Taste

Superior Taste

Our Coconut sugar is iTQi award -winning. It’s superior taste won over a jury of 135 chefs and sommeliers at the Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels.

Winning consecutively in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Our products are exceptionally produced, utilizing local resources, traditional knowledge and skills to curate extraordinary products of premium quality. We don’t use any artificial additives in our production.

We maintain purity standards and quality control with full traceability from seeding right through to production and final delivery.

Unique Facility

Unique Facility

The Aliet Green facility is truly state of the art. With custom tools and machinery, which you won’t find anywhere else, our proprietary recipes are one of a kind.

Our green workers receive frequent training to consistently maintain standards of operations for optimal results that comply with the highest international health, safety, sustainability, and ethical requirements.

Aliet Green
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Natural | Organic | FairTrade | Gluten free | Free of Preservatives | No artificial additives

There’s much more to explore within our curated range of organic and Fairtrade food products, all made with carefully selected ingredients from the Indonesian archipelago.

Our exceptional vegan and vegetarian products are perfect alternatives to enrich your breakfast bowls, consume as a healthy confectionary or power-up protein snacks.

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