Sugar and Steam – Sustainable Intensification of Agro-Forestry Production Systems

🌱 Since 2019, we’ve teamed up with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Department of Forestry and Plantation of DIY, Stitching AidEnvironment, and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences across a collaborative project empowering farmers in Indonesia’s Kulon Progo District 🇮🇩

🚀 Our joint mission is crystal clear: we’re working together to enhance the incomes, productivity, and climate resilience of over 2,000 farmers in Indonesia, with 60% being women. 

💼 Aliet Green‘s role is on the ground, working directly with farmers on regenerative practices and business improvement. We’re educating farmers on value-chain integration, introducing innovative farming practices, and advocating for improved labour conditions. All the while, we’re fortifying our commitment to an eco-friendly food chain.

The project is closely aligned with shared #unsdgs, contributing to a better future:
🎯 #sdg2 Zero hunger: increasing productivity to eliminate local hunger.
🎯 #sdg8 Decent work: elevating farmers’ lives through ethical working conditions.
🎯 #sdg17 Partnerships: cultivating collaborative efforts for shared sustainable goals.

🌐 Learn more about this project here:


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