Happy International Women’s Day 2024

On International Women’s Day, the theme is “Inspire Inclusion”. In the world of agriculture, the importance of inclusion is critical where, despite making up 43% of the global agricultural labour force, female workers and farmers continue to face discrimination.

At Aliet Green, we stand shoulder to shoulder-with supporting our female farmers.

💚 Aliet Green’s enterprise thrives on the empowerment of women. We proudly support 1586 farmers, with an outstanding 90% of them being female.

🌿 We educate our female farmers about the challenges of climate change through regenerative organic farming, ensuring optimal yields while nurturing the environment.

🌍 We instil money management skills in our female farmers, fostering financial independence. With our support, a female farmer saved enough money to establish a stall at the local market, diversifying her income and expanding her reach, helping her create a more resilient future.

🌴 Our social impact fund, surpassing $125,317.59, drives impactful programs spanning education, health, production, biodiversity, environmental growth, and social impact.

This #internationalwomensday2024, we commit to ongoing advocacy and active promotion of inclusion in agriculture. Recognising and supporting the crucial role of women in farming is not just a significant step; it’s a powerful move towards creating a more just and equitable world. 🌱

Lastiana Yuliandari

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