Organic Coconut Sugar and Other Organic & Natural Products

Aliet Green is The High-End Organic Coconut Sugar producer and manufacturer located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Apart from Organic Coconut Sugar, we also offer numerous other natural & organic food products. We do so with the highest respect for local Communities, Small Family Farms, Wildlife, and the Environment by implementing Regenerative Organic and Fair Trade practices.


Aliet Green's Beginnings

Aliet Green, initiated in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is well known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage and was founded by Lastiana Yuliandari, ... read more

First Traction

The challenging fun began when Organic Coconut Sugar got the first traction as a healthier alternative sweetener. Indonesia was the first and, at that time, ... read more

First Idea for Project Inception for Organic and Fair Trade Coconut Sugar

Acting as a trader and interested in initiating the first Organic Coconut Sugar certified Fair Trade, ... read more

Pioneer the First Organic and Fair Trade Coconut Sugar

With prestigious pride, Aliet Green successfully pioneered the First Organic and Fair Trade Coconut Sugar worldwide... read more

A Growing Reputation

As a reputable company with utmost ethical sourcing principles, Aliet Green received another remarkable label of being a woman social enterprise. It was staying true ... read more

Innovative Expansion

Our dream came true. Aliet Green successfully finished building the state-of-the-art facility. The building turned out to be a fantastic processing facility ever for ... read more

Standard Setting

Pioneering the major certifications and standards in the past three years for Organic Coconut Sugar, Aliet Green increasingly adopted and certified more and more... read more

Awards and Recognitions

Aliet Green will never forget the Year 2017. The First Award came from International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium. For honoring our... read more

Leading Position in the World Today

Aliet Green was proud of becoming the sustainable quality leader for Organic Coconut Sugar due to some awards and recognitions obtained since 2017. We never stopped performing well. ... read more

Sustainable Women Power

Integrating gender equality principles into various employment promotion strategies and approaches and focusing on the role of women in the existing business... read more

Resilience Today, Growth Tomorrow for Over 2,000 Farmers and Employees' families

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the employees in the workplace and smallholders was essential.... read more

The Quiet Revolutionary of the Best Small Business by the UN Food System Summit 2021

Aliet Green's pride was to be one of 50 winners of showcase inspiring, diverse, and impactful solutions in improving access to ... read more


Aliet Green's State-Of-The-Art Factory

The Aliet Green facility is truly unique. Our proprietary recipe required us to create our custom tools and machinery, which you won’t find anywhere else. Along with our highly trained staff, our facility ensures consistent optimal results which comply with the highest international health, safety, sustainability, and ethical requirements.

Aliet Green’s Commitment

Our Commitment leads us to where Aliet Green stands now.
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