We’re in the business of making a sustainable difference to create a lasting positive change!

In 2013, with the support of our customers, we set up a Fairtrade fund to improve the lives of our farmers and their communities. To date, we have spent just over an astonishing $125,317.59 (Rp 1,968,651,000.00) delivering impactful projects improving education, health, infrastructure, production, biodiversity, environmental growth and social impact in Indonesia.

We’ve been increasing our impact year after year. Take a look at our progress for 2023:

YearBudget Allocated in Indonesian Rupiah(IDR)Budget in USDProject Status

Aliet Green is committed to helping realise the UN’s sustainable development goals, creating sustainable strategies that help us create a better every day.

We can support and address the impact we create by working collaboratively with all our stakeholders, from smallholder farmers to our green warrior employees to our suppliers. Together we are committed to driving the right impact through:

Our integrity
We integrate social, economic, and environmental aspects in our operations to achieve excellent service, supplying high-quality products for all in balanced harmony.

Our innovation
We always step forward to innovate and provide better leadership, creativity, competence, climate, and efficiency solutions.

Over 348.7 million market access or stable market access for beneficiaries.

Provided organic and Fairtrade projects for more than 5,000 farmers and family members.

More than 90% of women, that’s 1,300 took part in the impact goal by taking financial literacy sessions. Watch video

Over 1,300 job opportunities with minimum regional wage standards and benefits for selling organic and Fairtrade produce. Watch video

1% of farmers, that’s 1,300 who participated in Aliet Green projects have a disability.

100% organic produce;
100% crop residues;
0% chemical inputs.

Over 500 ha under dynamic agroforestry management with 100% biodiversity, over 60% soil health and animal welfare.

Our honest and transparent commitments ensure Aliet Green continues to operate responsibly, conducting our business with integrity to all of our stakeholders.

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