Watch Aliet Green’s brand story and impact captured by the amazing The Asia Foundation

As an emerging leader in Indonesia, trailblazer Lastiana Yuliandari founded Aliet Green in 2009 to help local farmers, especially women and disabled farmers, improve their incomes and family livelihoods.

🌿 With innovative thinking and a deep commitment to addressing complex issues across Asia, Lastiana was selected for The Asia Foundation 2023 Development Fellows Program, which invests in Asia’s most promising future leaders.

🌍 Lastiana has always been at the forefront of innovation, seeking to create a world resilient to climate impact. Harnessing the power of traditional farming methods, Lastiana was the first pioneer in Yogyakarta to invest in IIoT 4.0, protecting communities and restoring ecosystems that create environmental, economic, and social benefits. 🌳

🥥 This video beautifully captures our founder’s vision and the impact Aliet Green has achieved, touching the lives of many local coconut and vanilla bean farmers.

🍃 Watch the full video ->


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