Crafting Premium Ingredients 🌾 with Integrity: Aliet Green’s Commitment

🌿 We’re proud to be the only #SocialEnterprise and certified #BCorp in Yogyakarta within our industry with an approach that resonates with those who value responsible sourcing and community-driven initiatives.

🍃 Standing tall as a beacon of integrity and innovation in the world of organic ingredients, Aliet Green is dedicated to producing high-quality, fully customisable organic food ingredients sourced from crops grown with love by small family holders and female & disabled farmers.

🌱 Our commitment to integrity runs deep, as we strive to improve the lives of every individual we touch – from the farmers who cultivate our ingredients to the conscious food manufacturers who use them to craft impactful food stories.

As we pave the way for regenerative organic farming, we invite you to explore our premium ingredients and join us in this journey of positive change. Together, let’s champion a regenerative future!

#IntegrityInIngredients #OrganicInnovation #CommunityDriven #PremiumQuality #RegenerativeSourcing

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