Aliet Green Run by Women for Women

Aliet Green is a women-owned social enterprise 🌍 on a mission to create a world resilient to climate impact while protecting our communities and restoring vital ecosystems. Through regenerative organic farming 🌱, we partner with the land to create a nurturing environment, enriching the soil and promoting biodiversity.

🌿 By actively engaging and empowering more women to be at the forefront of driving our mission, we are working together to uplift small-scale family farmers, women farmers, disabled farmers, and indigenous communities providing them with the tools they need to adapt and flourish. From improving soil quality to supporting local communities, our journey is about cultivating resilience that transcends agriculture.

🍃 We’re looking for change makers to support us. By using our ingredients and buying our products, you are championing regenerative organic farming 🌱 and helping to create a brighter, more sustainable future for our people and indigenous communities, ensuring that future generations to come will thrive.

Lastiana Yuliandari

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