It is the Season of Giving Again

As the Ramadan holiday approaches, people living in the big cities in Indonesia flock to the malls.

It is different for Aliet Green. We did not need to go to malls, but we visited our Farmers with their Small Family Farms in dynamic agroforestry areas.

Aliet Green distributed gifts for over 1,500 beloved smallholder Farmers from April 18 to 26, 2022. All invited Farmers, mainly women, came happily to receive Aliet Green’s gifts for the Ramadan celebration.

This year each Farmer also received a special cooking tool, a wok, to produce Organic Coconut Sugar as part of Aliet Green’s standardized tool program.

The Farmers with their Small Family Farms are essential for Aliet Green’s business, creating more socio-economic and environmental values.

We have empowered over 5,000 smallholder farmers since 2009. In addition, distributing parcels for the Ramadan celebration has been an annual agenda for Aliet Green. 

Since Aliet Green launched its Organic projects, more than 11,000 parcels have been distributed in 2 main villages where Aliet Green has empowered to use Sustainable and Regenerative Organic farming practices.

These gifts will have double the impact on Aliet Green’s incredible Farmers.

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