Rise to the Challenge Awards Finalist

Aliet Green Being Selected as a Rise to the Challenge Awards Finalist

Another great news in the second quarter of 2022 is that Aliet Green was selected as one of the agriculture sector finalists by WEConnect International.

WEConnect International is a global network connecting women-owned businesses to qualified buyers worldwide.

Aliet Green has been a woman-owned certified business since 2019.

Becoming an agriculture sector finalist has positively marked Aliet Green’s achievement in working with local farmers. In particular, to give women a chance to improve their incomes and family livelihoods, productivity, and climate resilience of small family farms in the Kulon Progo District of the Special District of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Through value chain integration and the introduction of suitable on-farm practices and technologies.

Thank you, WEConnect International, for making our dream come true to be a woman leader of organic, fair trade, and regenerative organic agriculture in Indonesia.

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