Aliet Green has the World’s First Organic Coconut Sugar in Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Quality

We are ready to start the Journey to Regenerative Organic Certified as the world’s highest-bar organic designation.

Regenerative Organic farming goes beyond sustainable. It steadily improves the health of the earth and everything that lives on it, including us.

As a huge accomplishment, we welcome Aliet Green Kulon Progo, which just received ROC Silver Level for its Coconut Sugar

Other crops are included in ROC Silver Level, such as Bananas, Cacao, Coconuts, Durians, Ginger, Mango Ginger, Mangosteen, Sand Ginger, and Turmeric.

We are engaged to promote biodiversity conservation on a higher level.

By adopting Regenerative Organic practices, we can create long-term solutions to the climate crisis, factory farming, and fractured rural economies.

The three main pillars of ROC Soil Health, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness have become the heart and soul of Aliet Green’s unusual business practices. 

As a reputable women’s social enterprise, we have made an enormous difference to the soil, water, climate, and small family farms as part of our Regenerative and Sustainable Programs. A holistic system, regenerative organic, sees the well-being of earth, humans, and animals as interconnected. Therefore, high standards for animal and worker welfare are critical.

Therefore, there are so many rewards of Regenerative Organic (RO) principles for Aliet Green’s integrated supply chains:

1. Agro forests have multiple tiers of plants—trees, bushes, vines. As a result, they’re far more biodiverse than mono-crop systems.
2. Healthy Soil creates thriving populations of microbes, which break down organic matter (dead plants) into topsoil. Also, RO systems like agro forests and perennial plants have well-developed roots that keep topsoil from eroding.
3. Regenerative Organic systems bring pastures back to life, increasing biodiversity below and above ground.
4. Both Aliet Green and the farmers have a business to run. Sustainable Farming principles also include a good income for the small family farms, now and in the long term.
5. Successful interventions empower women within the social context of their households and communities, working along with men to achieve these.

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