Social Enterprise Day

It’s #SocialEnterpriseDay!

At Aliet Green, we’re a Social Enterprise on a mission to uplift smallholder rural farmers in #Indonesia through education, equitable farming practices, and trade.

Check out our impact:

💰 We’ve invested $125,317.00 into projects that boost health, education, infrastructure, and social impact in Indonesia, creating a sustainable and equitable future for our local communities.

🏆 UN Best Small Business Award Winner: We’ve earned this award, showcasing our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

🍃 Our dedicated “green warriors” are on the ground, uplifting disadvantaged communities and tackling social challenges head-on.

📈 We’re actively driving change by contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for a brighter future.

🥥 Through our “Sugar and Steam Project” in partnership with Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) | Partner in Sustainable Development, Department of Forestry and Plantation of DIY, Stichting Aidenvironment, and Stichting Van Hall Larenstein. We’re empowering women farmers, breaking down gender barriers, and strengthening economic resilience.

We’re making it happen! Our initiatives demonstrate our allegiance as a Social Enterprise, actively shaping a more equitable and sustainable world.


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