Celebrating Our Success to Pass BRCGS Remote Compliance Audit 2022

Aliet Green is delighted to announce that on the day well-known for celebrating Romance and Love, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, we have achieved BRC Grade A in a REMOTE COMPLIANCE AUDIT conducted by the BRCGS Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. 

It is an accomplishment that only a very few businesses in the Coconut Sugar industry have achieved.

BRCGS did assess Aliet Green on everything from food safety, facility conditions, cleaning processes, the color-coding of cleaning equipment to how we perform product control, approve products and maintain traceability.  

Lastiana Yuliandari, the Director of Aliet Green, said, “We are extremely proud of all our staff, and this achievement is a true reflection of our ongoing commitment to meeting the highest standards of food quality and safety.”

Aliet Green encounters internal, and annual BRC audits multiple times each year. To ensure we remain certified and our customers can feel confident ordering Coconut Sugar from Aliet Green.

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