A Journey into Regenerative Organic Agriculture

As a reputable woman social enterprise, Aliet Green has paid attention to business and social values derived from sourcing programs with smallholder farmers.

With the engagement of the Aliet Green – Green Warriors, Aliet Green has been building a solid foundation to produce Organic Coconut Sugar with the highest respect for local communities, wildlife, and the environment.

Five hundred forty-seven smallholder farmers, mainly women, attended this 5-day distribution of tools spread out in 10 hamlets in Hargotirto Village, Yogyakarta. This activity is how Aliet Green invests in programs to improve livelihoods, food security, and women’s empowerment.

Over ten years, Aliet Green has been increasing transparency along the value chain to support farmers to improve yields, which can help increase incomes. 

The sieve program has addressed awareness of food hygiene systems at the farmers’ level after Aliet Green has identified the need for tool replacements that are more uniform and standardized. Farmers can start the transition to new hygiene practices relatively quickly and inexpensively using a free improved sieve to produce Organic Coconut Sugar. This approach supports Aliet Green’s vision for farmer equality and high-quality Organic Coconut Sugar production.

Along with the sieve distribution, to shape the future of Fair Trade projects in Hargotirto Village, ten people out of 547 smallholder farmers from 10 hamlets were inclusively elected and appointed to represent and manage the Fairtrade Premium received for the benefits of all farmers on a certified Fair Trade agro-forestry where the project exists. Aliet Green witnessed and supported this open and accountable election. The election process was conducted equally with a participatory approach.

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