Empowering Indonesian Farmers through Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Did you know Aliet Green 🌿 is committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and through the support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) we are making strides with our Sugar and Steam project.

Since the project began in September 2019, we have supported local farmers in the forested hills of #Indonesia 🌱 by providing comprehensive training to help them adopt sustainable agricultural practices.

The training covers essential aspects such as composting 🍂, mulching, and efficient water 🌊 and soil management strategies.

🌎 Our shared goal has always been to assist communities of farmers in enhancing their harvesting techniques, while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The key elements of this collaborative program include:
🌾 Agroforestry practices
🌾 Regenerative agriculture techniques
🌾 Principles of circularity

🌤️ Our farmers are equipped with the skills to not only increase their crop yield but also to address the growing concerns of climate change.

Emphasising soil fertility and biodiversity is critical in ensuring our future generations of farmers thrive. We’re ensuring a diversified crop approach that extends beyond coconut trees 🥥 🌴.

🎥 Discover more about our impact: https://lnkd.in/eS6M9y5B


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