We hereby would like to inform you that from October 19, 2017, all the Certificates of Inspection (CoI) for certified organic goods shipped to the countries of the European Union (EU) must be issued through the TRACES NT system.

The system implies that importers and first Consignees in the EU involved in the process  have to create their own profile and have it validated in the TRACES NT system.

Please keep in mind that even if the CoI is issued and validated electronically in the system, a paper printed copy still has to be manually signed and stamped by the usual entities (Control body, Competent Authorities and 1st Consignee) until further announcement of the EU Commission. In order to ensure the issuance of CoI as quickly as possible, we strongly recommend that the creation of the CoI in the TRACES NT system should be carried out directly by the European importer as The operator who has all the necessary information for the issuance of CoI is the importer of the goods.

The importer must provide the following data:

– Country of clearance + point of entry into the European Union

– Country of destination and 1st Consignee

– Importer’s EORI number (mandatory on CoI)

– CN code of the product. (Combined nomenclature of the product, for customs)

Here is the procedure that we recommend you to follow for the CoI issuance, starting from now:

1. Once the goods are ready to be exported: Aliet Green must quickly inform the customer in Europe (importer) to initiate the issuance of his or her CoI on the TRACES NT system.

2. Once the CoI is created on the TRACES NT system: the importer must notify Aliet Green who receives a notification of this new CoI on the TRACES NT system

3. Then Aliet Green forwards the usual supporting documents to our Certification Body (CB)

4. The CB reviews the application/documents and validates the CoI issued in the TRACES NT system

5. The CB organizes the dispatch of the original certificate (hard copy) to our customer (also the importer of goods)

6. The CB sends Aliet Green a copy of CoI issued through the TRACES NT system for our traceability record

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