The first footprints of Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) stepped at Aliet Green´s facility to conduct its first audit for Gluten inspection in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As the Quality Leader, Aliet Green takes its best pride in announcing its Gluten Free Organic Coconut Sugar certified by GFCO. Aliet Green has taken proactive measures on problems of the recent past where Gluten became an unfortunate topic in Coconut Sugar.

Yes, we did it again to take the first initiation and surely widen the gap. The Gluten audit did not only check our running facility but all also employees including our food operators, management, and even people involved in housekeeping.

With the GFCO Gluten Free certification Aliet Green effectively proves to be well prepared and well equipped to tackle the Gluten challenge. We take appropriate measures to guarantee you as Aliet Green’s existing business partners as well as our future business partners by supplying contamination free of Premium Quality Gluten Free Organic & Fair Trade Coconut Sugar.

It is our long-standing dedication to quality in every aspect as we have promised to follow strict guidelines of  GFCO standards demanding food safety standards in place as well that guarantee that what is stated on our label is exactly what is in our product.

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