The Beautiful Store Foundation to Announce Lastiana Yuliandari as one of the Social Innovators striving for climate crisis as the cohort 1st Asia Beautiful Fellow!

The Beautiful Store Foundation, based in South Korea, supports innovative social leaders running a sustainable and innovative business 

to contribute to the solution of climate issues faced by the community by selecting an Asia Beautiful Fellow.

Asia Beautiful Fellowship program helps to alleviate the climate crisis by finding social entrepreneurs with effective and practical solutions in Asian developing countries and supporting them in various ways to make the impact they create sustainably.

Among the other three beautiful fellows, we are making enormous contributions to climate action in our ways. 

I am so proud of becoming part 1st Asia Beautiful Fellow, in which all participants are powerful Asian women at the heart of climate change. 

I am pleased to announce this fellowship is not only for me as a person but for all female farmers, employees, and partners. Who have trusted me to collaborate, support, mitigate, and adapt climate change resilience more sustainably with a regenerative system every day.

Allow me to say: We are beautiful women with a purpose!


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