Aliet Green receives three times Superior Taste Awards – One of the most prestigious and excellent food-segment Awards.

Superior Taste Awards are the only stamp of quality in taste granted by food and drink opinion leaders who are Michelin starred Chefs. The taste and quality are blind-tested based on taste, aroma, texture, and product appearance by those Michelin-starred Chefs coming from culinary organizations all over Europe.

The iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) Award guarantees excellent TASTE and Premium QUALITY. In addition, products reaching a score of more than 70% are granted the prestigious “Superior Taste Awards,” with one, two, or three Golden Stars similar to the Michelin Star for gastronomy.
This year, 2018, Aliet Green was encouraged to send three products: Organic Coconut Sugar Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar Syrup, and Organic Coconut Sugar Spread.

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