The inaugural Sustainable Food Awards reception did take place at the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre on 7th June 2018.

For the first Sustainable Food Awards in each of the five categories, Amarjit Sahota and the Ecovia Intelligence team announced the winner and the runner-up. The categories are wide-ranging from ingredients and products to packaging; sustainability pioneers and sustainable leadership were honored.

Aliet Green (Indonesia) is the runner-up with Organic Coconut Sugar for Sustainable Ingredient Award.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade Organic Coconut Sugar helps empower female growers and creates female employment for sustainable Coconut Sugar production in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Organic Coconut Sugar is a humble sweetener found in almost every household in Indonesia for centuries and almost all around the world nowadays.

Coconut palms are a tree crop that benefits the environment ecologically. Their cultivation restores damaged soil requiring very little water in the process. As a result, coconut sugar production has minimal effects on the environment compared to sugar cane production, which requires a considerable amount of resources.

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