Ramadan with the Following Eid al-Fitr is the Most Anticipated Festive Season for Female Farmers

As #Ramadan 🌙✨ unfolds, Aliet Green is busy on the ground supporting its community of farmers in the Hargotirto Village, especially its resilient women farmers.

During this month of reflection, our dedicated team of green warriors has been actively engaging with the villagers, reaching out to over 10 communities of #fairtrade female farmers, offering support and empowerment every step of the way.

Here’s a glimpse of our efforts:

🍚 Distributed 562 food parcels with essentials like rice, noodles, and cooking oil, ensuring that families have sustenance during this sacred month.

Provided training empowering women through knowledge, covering
💧 Land and water management for climate adaptation
🌿 Organic and regenerative organic practices
🌾 Good production practices
🍞 Gluten awareness
🤝 Fairtrade principles

By equipping the women of Hargotirto with these skills, we’re fostering growth and strengthening the resiliency of the village, staying true to Aliet Green’s mission of empowerment and sustainable practices.


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