Community Mobile App to Revolutionize Traditional Data Collection and Traceability

At Aliet Green, embracing technology is essential to our mission of supporting smallholder farmers in improving sustainable farming practices. We’re working to help our farmers integrate innovative techniques with traditional methods.

Our approach in action:

💻 Digital Transformation:
Digitising supply chain records and introducing farmer credit accounts for seedling purchases ensure transparency and ease of access to resources, empowering farmers to make informed decisions and optimise their operations.

▶ 25% reduction in crop failure rates, ensuring more reliable harvests.

🧑🌾 Technical Support:
Farmers receive guidance on nursery design, agroforestry farm design, and composting techniques, enhancing their farming capabilities, implementing sustainable practices, improving soil health, and increasing crop yields.

▶ 30% improvement in water use efficiency, essential for water-scarce areas.

🌴 Coconut Rehabilitation:
Supporting 300-600 small farms through coconut intensification and rehabilitation programs, helping farmers rejuvenate their coconut plantations with resilient, high-yield varieties.

▶ 20% boost in coconut yields, enhancing economic stability🚜💚


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