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The new EU Organic Regulations 848/2018 for the production and labelling of organic products, replacing regulation EC 834/2007, came into force last year across Europe.

Organic businesses outside the EU are gradually implementing these regulations, mandating adherence by all non-EU organic businesses by December 31, 2024.

ALIET GREEN KULON PROGOa pioneer in Organic, Fair Trade, and Regenerative Organic suppliers across the EU, was among the first projects to gain certification in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Our newly established legal entity, ALAM BUMI CARIYOS ASSOCIATION, comprises over 1039 small Organic, Fair Trade, and Regenerative Organic family farmers, primarily focusing on supporting women farmers.

Aliet Green is illuminating the way for more women in our community, ensuring the journey towards sustainable agroforestry practices embraces inclusivity and diversity. Together, our shared values and positive impact are paving the way for a sustainable future.

So, what does Alam Bumi Cariyos mean?

It’s a fusion of languages where “Alam Bumi” in the official Indonesian language translates to “Mother Nature”. Simultaneously, in our respected Javanese mother tongue, “Cariyos” means story.

The name is steeped in stories of Aliet Green’s agroforestry roots, a legacy which ALAM BUMI CARIYOS ASSOCIATION will continue to shape.

Mother Nature, with her remarkable ability to regenerate, is a model of hope. Grounding our beliefs and understanding that Mother Nature often holds the most profound wisdom.

ALAM BUMI CARIYOS ASSOCIATION will live and breathe ALIET GREEN KULON PROGO values and life story, carrying forward the true meaning of human legacy. It will improve the earth’s health and all that inhabits it.

By strengthening our small family farms within the collective strength of ALAM BUMI CARIYOS ASSOCIATION, we affirm our commitment to serving the EU organic market.

updated on February 12, 2024

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