Aliet Green organized a FairFood Block Chain Technology project for Fresh Coconuts as shown on the video below. The project was to prove fair pricing in combination with traceability when applying the right technology.

FairFood is a Dutch campaign organization, which can show and prove that Fair Trade can work even without expensive certifications by using its FairFood Block Chain Technology.

The Block Chain technology can be used for any certification system you can think of. This helps you trace and ensure you are doing correct buying and selling procedures from certified system including Organic, Fair Trade and food safety. This can help reduce food fraud and increase transparency.

More than 30 farmers, who are members of Aliet Green‘s Fair Trade certified Organic Coconut Sugar project, participated in the FairFood project by Selling their Fresh Green Coconuts to FairFood for a predefined price. We selected a number of farmers for the first time to try if Block Chain Technology did work well. In addition these farmers were selected as they could read and write SMS as part of Block Chain Technology. Sadly but proudly, we are working with 90% of small scale illiterate farmers who have showed their dedication to following international standards.

From this project we wanted show Fair Trade could be done without certification that sometimes can make us frustrated. Customers can see and get to know even closer to producers making their food products for consumption. Customers can even know how many family members depending on the products being produced and where the food is from. All details including prices, farmers family and information, can be scanned and forwarded to customers directly through Block Chain Technology.

Although Aliet Green is a Fair Trade certified woman social enterprise, for us, Fair Trade is not just a logo or brand but this is a movement that can empower small producing communities. We contribute back to producers who have also supported our success.

In cooperation with FairFood, we also wanted show that we are able to ensure we are treating our producers well according to Fair Trade standards although Fresh Coconuts sold to FairFood were not labeled with our Fair Trade logo.

This certainly is a topic that needs to be discussed at a bigger scale to make Fair Trade what it is supposed to be – FAIR.

Without selfish and profit driven rules were some major Certifying Bodies pioneering and organizing fair trade labeling do not recognize Aliet Green’s Fair Trade certification with Fair For Life – FFL (IMO). Rules that forget about the hard working Farmers that are meant to be the actual beneficiaries of a Fair Trade certification.

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