We have been working with Fair for Life (Fair Trade and Social Responsibility) of Institute for Marketecology (IMO) from Switzerland now part of Ecocert Group in France since 2013.

We are proud of pioneering Coconut Sugar Industry with some major international certifications such as Fair Trade by Fair for Life.

Fair Trade supports farmers’ livelihood by fair and decent wage as well as ensures workers’ rights to be respected and treated properly. We also do not to forget to take care of biodiversity feeding us with abundant resources intimately linked to continued lives of human being , species, and all connected ecosystem.

We pay a decent price to all of our farmers in addition to fair trade premium fund that can later be used to support farmers projects such as education, health, infrastructure, production, social farming etc.

Although Aliet Green is a Fair Trade certified woman social enterprise, for us, Fair Trade is not just a logo or brand but this is a movement that can empower small producing communities. We must happily contribute back to producers who have also supported our success.

We take our Customers to deeply see, hear, experience, share and get to know even closer to producers making their products with transparency (nothing to hide) with possible traceability in all aspects of Fair Trade Projects run by Aliet Green.

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