Aliet Green and PUR Set Partnership Strategy for Regenerative Organic Agroforestry

At Aliet Green, we believe in the power of collaboration. Since 2020, we’ve partnered with PUR to tackle social and climate challenges faced by agroforestry farmers.

Our impact on both arable and degraded lands speaks volumes. In the last 2 years, we’ve planted over:
2,000 vanilla vines & 5,000 agroforestry crops.

In 2024, we’re driving regenerative organic production forward with an additional:
🌱 3,000 vanilla vines: pioneering regenerative organic vanilla production
🌾 1,000 agroforestry crops: protecting agro-forestry ecosystems
🥥 1,000 coconut seedlings: helping farmers generate additional income

We are committed to improving the entire operational chain, equipping farmers with over:
500 sieves to sieve regenerative organic coconut blossom sap
806 woks, standardise tools to produce regenerative organic coconut sugar

Empowering farmers to work smarter and greener to ensure sustainability and climate resilience is at every step, we’ve provided training in:
Field soil health testing Agroforestry planting techniques

Together with PUR 🤝, we’re at the forefront of accelerating regenerative organic techniques. We’ll continue to work together to ensure our resources help farmers on the ground plant native tree species to nurture a greener, more sustainable future.


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