Aliet Green’s success in achieving the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam and Superior Taste Awards in Brussels, Belgium, cannot be separated from our smallholder farmers’ hard work and Aliet Green’s dynamic team to make all these happen.

As every farmer has its ways to continue inspiring me at all times, I got an opportunity to meet with one of the farmers from Aliet Green’s Project named Mr. Jemakir during my weekly field visit to prepare an annual external organic inspection.

At a glance, there was nothing wrong with this person. He has over 15 Coconut trees to be harvested. He even still helps his mom to harvest her Coconut trees. But, he is just a humble person living in his simple hut. It is just like the other farmers.

A father of three, Mr. Jemakir started to become blind when he was 17 years old. After many years of illness which the village’s nearest small public health center could not treat, he lost his eyesight. He is the only blind farmer of Aliet Green’s project that is still climbing up Coconut trees himself with no assistance from others. It is a miracle as Coconut Sugar production needs skilled tappers to do so. He has proven that he is an experienced farmer by keeping harvesting the Coconut Blossom Sap of each Coconut tree every single day without fail. He said that with the number of his Coconut trees, he has been able to feed the family much better since he has become part of Aliet Green’s project. He can send his children to school. He is also happy to prevent his family from malnutrition. He has undoubtedly seen this from his vision to create a resilient future for his family.

It is one of many positive impacts of Aliet Green’s project existing for some years. Farmers have experienced increased livelihoods from time to time as sales of Aliet Green are growing.

Empowering farmers with disabilities is part of Aliet Green’s social responsibility. Farmers with disabilities in poor rural communities are the most disadvantaged supply chain.

By launching social farming for disabled farmers, Aliet Green promotes opportunities and improves the welfare of farmers who live with disabilities – and then linking back to society at large to ensure their further development.

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