The First Woman-Owned Business Leader Becomes a Mentor

At the first cohort of Meryl Williams mentors, the founder, and director of a woman owned business, Lastiana Yuliandari, has been standing alone from a private sector background in between wonderful and smart mentees from the agricultural background.

The prestigious Meryl Williams Fellowship is funded by ACIAR (Australian Center for International Agricultural Research) by providing supports for female international agricultural researchers and scientists across the Indo-Pacific to improve their leadership and management skills.

Lastiana feels honored that she was selected to be a Mentor in the Meryl Williams Fellowship Program for the first cohort 2020-2021. It has given her the opportunity to explore her own values and improve her leadership skills through a combination of immersive learning, networking and professional development. By being involved, she has gained a new network of wonderful, smart mentees – especially other women in agricultural sectors in the Indo-Pacific region.

Participating in the prestigious Meryl Williams Fellowship Program has enhanced her ability to promote greater gender equity and social inclusion along agricultural value chains and to make a positive impact.

Lastiana’s biography participating at Meryl Williams’ event can be found on the website of GEAReD : (

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