Aliet Green Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Aliet Green is a female-run social enterprise that was founded in 2009 by Lastiana Yuliandari with her philosophy of working with local farmers, and especially women, to give them a chance to improve their incomes and their family livelihoods.

Her philosophy also embraces producing the highest quality such as the purest organic coconut sugar processed by 70% of which are female employees, many of whom are single mothers, widowed, or returned migrant workers.

Being a pioneer in some major certifications such as fair trade, BRC, Gluten-Free, it has made Aliet Green become a reputable female social enterprise in Indonesia committed in providing the highest quality food ingredients to the world.

Aliet Green thanks over 1,500 farmers who were so enthusiastic coming altogether to celebrate Aliet Green’s humble anniversary.

Aliet Green also thanks guests who have come from Europe and Australia to attend the 10th anniversary.

At the same time, Aliet Green is forward-focused on this next decade and has significant plans to deliver substantial additional value to its farmers and clients as well as innovation to the organic industry in Indonesia.

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