Rural Women Leadership Training and the Season of Giving

Farming nowadays has a limited share in modern economies, especially in remote and hilly areas. As a result, technology, financing, and other resources have been re-routed to other sectors, considered “more important,” such as services and industry. However, data tells another story: small family farms are, in fact, the leading players in the battle against hunger, malnutrition, poverty, the depletion of natural resources, and the effects of climate change.

I am happy to share with you that these women are just examples of the benefits of providing training opportunities to women farmers. These women never imagined themselves to be community leaders. Quiet and softspoken, they have long embraced a variety of other titles — from wife and mother to farmer and community members.

During the fasting month, Ramadan, as Aliet Green’s annual agenda for distributing over 1,700 Ramadan parcels to our beloved farmers, we also conducted yearly training activities. This year we selected some women farmers to be future community training leaders.

These women farmers were excited to become ToT trainers for regenerative organic agriculture, food hygiene, gluten, land and water management, and vanilla cultivation.

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