Fair Trade premium fund is often invested on education so that farmers can afford to keep their children in school and out of the fields.

From creating scholarship funds, improving school infrastructure to purchasing supplies for students, the additional income from Fair Trade is giving children in remote farming communities the opportunity to learn.

A public primary school like SDN Tegiri lacked of funding to improve school infrastructure such as paving block for the school yard where children used to have play space and gather during break time. Poor and insufficient school infrastructure negatively impact student learning and schooling outcomes.

Before being paved, the school yard always got affected by flood during rainy season as it was purely muddy.

This not only took place at Tegiri Primary School but also nearly all primary schools located at Aliet Green’s Coconut project. Fair Trade premium fund is primarily used to support schools in need.

Each Fair Trade Purchase is helping send these students back to school—and keeping them there.

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