An Initiative to Support “BUY WOMEN-OWNED”


According to UN Women, Investing in women-owned businesses and integrating them into corporate supply chains is “smart economics” and good for business. Women-owned businesses contribute significantly to the world economy, generating millions of new employment opportunities.

Supporting women-owned businesses is not just a campaign; it’s the core of what we do. We do support female farmers as businesses who have ensured to deliver us high-quality raw materials for a decent price.

We believe the economic contribution of women in agricultural sectors and livelihood strategy is expected to improve the welfare of the farmer families.

By supporting female farmers with pre-financing capital, Aliet Green expands the abilities of female farmers to have a broader economic impact. This is one of the many reasons we are proud to support so many female farmers with providing necessary knowledge and fund they need to start and generate their income.

We help them build their resilience, equality and livelihoods by creating jobs and alternative opportunities to also diversify and increase various income source.

We look forward to celebrating the impact of AN INITIATIVE TO SUPPORT “BUY WOMEN-OWNED”.

For further information, please contact : aliet [at]

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