Aliet Green provides assurance in Transparency in food system through Non-GMO Verification

Aliet Green is pleased to respond its customers requests of transparency in food systems by completing Non-GMO verification. Currently, seven of our existing products are now officially Non-GMO verified including Organic Coconut Sugar, the Award winning Organic Coconut Sugar Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar Infused with Spices (Ginger, Turmeric, Mango Ginger), Organic Fresh Salak Fruits, Dried Salak Fruits and Salak Fruit Chips.

For Aliet Green, as the Quality Leader for Organic Coconut Sugar from Indonesia, it is another step to ensure the Premium Quality of its products. It shows our increased commitment in providing quality through third parties´ verification and certifications to our valuable customers.

More and more customers are aware of hygiene and trustworthy source of food products they are consuming. It is understandable if customers demand the best food products supplied by Aliet Green as the Premium Ingredient Supplier. It is what Aliet Green will always support.

Aliet Green’s certified organic farms and facilities follow a site-specific organic system plan. All sites are inspected annually by third party organic inspectors to ensure compliance. In order to fulfill the organic regulations, farmers and processors must prove that they are not using GMO’s in any part of their production. Also are utilizing approved practices to protect their products or crops.

As a supporter of transparency in our food system, Aliet Green thinks it’s great that consumers will benefit from both the Non-GMO Project Verified seal and the Organic certification.

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